08 July 2010

The Journey to the Best Corn Muffin

So corn muffins and me are best of friends, no really. One week a few years ago I ate a corn muffin everyday for 5 days, the only reason I stopped was for fear of turning into a corn muffin myself. I am still not a corn muffin but am in search of the perfect corn muffin recipe.

You may wonder why I say recipe and not the 'perfect corn muffin' ... Well me and my taste buds agree I have found the worlds best tasting corn muffin. Okay ... that's a lie, we have a tie! The winners are the Maine Diner in Wells Maine and Mocha Mott's located on lovely Martha's Vineyard, where I currently call home. Both are just so full of flavor, just the right amount of corn meal and so moist! My Gosh, someone PLEASE give me either of their recipes. I am tempted to walk right into Mocha Mott's and steal their recipe!

You can buy a Corn Muffin Mix from Maine Diner, but that's no fun! I want to make it from start to finish ... not just add water!

So I have tried two recipes; one off of the corn meal box and this one, Sweet Corn Bread. Both were good, but not top notch. I need to try out more recipes so I can find the perfect one. So this is where my journey begins. I will keep trying recipes until I find the perfect one, or until I manipulate one to be the best.

So follow me in my journey. And feel free to follow along , let me know what you find!

Let the JOURNEY begin ...

to be continued

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