03 April 2011

I See Sea Glass

I am addicted to the ocean. The colors, the smell, the sounds - I could go on. But one thing I love is the treasures that the sea washes ashore. Shells, rocks -- but the best is the Sea Glass!

What is sea glass you say -- glass that has been weathered by sand, water and waves essentially smoothing out the edges and making a frosted little or big beautiful gem.

Just as there are alot of colors of glass there are a lot of colors of sea glass. Green, clear, purple, red, blue and every shade in between. Some of the rare colors are cobalt blue, purple, red. My favorite pieces to find very worn clear pieces. There is something about them, the simplicity, the perfection.

I live on Martha's Vineyard, an island off of Massachusetts. I am surrounded by wonderful, lovely, gorgeous OCEAN! I try to get out every weekend looking for sea glass. Looking for sea glass is something I enjoy doing alone, but I also enjoy going with others so we can see who got the best pick.

Bottom of bottles are always great to find as are bottle tops. I found one piece once that was the bottom of the bottle and it said WINE on the bottom. Fabulous!

The best time to go on a sea glass hunt is after a storm, it washes up all the goodies and also low tide where there will be more beach exposed.

So there it is -- one of my many loves sea glass. What is one of your loves?


For tons more GREAT information about anything and everything sea glass check out this website Sea Glass Odyssey
A great book to check out is Pure Sea Glass


“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.” Isak Dinesen


  1. Sea glass is sooo pretty...I've never found any of my own though! Isn't that crazy? If I lived on Martha's Vineyard, I'd keep a pretty glass bowl full of my treasure!