08 April 2011

Cake Decorating 101

Being an avid (cupcake) baker I figured it was about time I finally learned all the In's and Out's of cake decorating. Well, at least some of them.

Ive been looking for a Cake Decorating class here on Martha's Vineyard and it took my just about 2 years to find one. But I was very excited, ecstatic even to find it.

I know a little bit about the beginning aspects of cake decorating because I own all of the decorating tips, pastry bags, etc. I was never shown how to use them. But now I know the basics.

The class I took was a 2 hour class with 20 or so people participating. It was kind of crazy. But I learned a bunch and met some new people! I also got to share my love of cupcakes with people as well. People always get a kick out of my Cupcake Tattoo!

Here is the cake I decorated --

In the middle we have Rose -- Very hard to do, but the Teacher said it looked great!

Around the rose we have simple leaves -- pretty easy. You can make a lot of different size and shape leaves. Note the leaves in on the outer edge. Those are what I call Ferns! Not sure if it is a technical name for them, but that is what they look like to me.

Around the farthest outer edge, making a border are Stars -- Once again, very easy. I could do these even before the class.

And around the bottom you see a Scallop Shell -- Not as easy as it looks!

I hope to learn a lot more in the future either in another class on my own. I got a very fulfilling sense after the class and during, I dare to call it even a 'high'

If you want to learn some tips on cake decorating Wilton has is all from the tips to all of the items you need to make it all happen -- Wilton Cake Decorating


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