23 June 2010

Welcome to my world ...

I've always wanted to write my own blog but I have so many interests in life I didn't know what to focus on ... My Photography? My Baking? My Cooking? Quotes? I came to the conclusion that in life I need to dabble in a lot of things to keep my spirit alive.

So here you have it my not so little world of baking, photography, cooking, quotes, shopping, creativity, magazines, yoga, websites ... need I say more?

I also write for AllThingsCupcake.com which is obviously all about Cupcakes and I love it! But I am excited to start writing about more than one thing and all the things that make me happy. I think that not narrowing my blog to one item that it will be a lot easier and make me want to write more.

No sure exactly who is reading this ... but whomever you are, enjoy and I hope you enjoy the little bit of me that I am sharing with you.

Ohh ... I bet you are wondering where the name of my blog from ... One day my good friend Heidi and I were grocery shopping, following a list of foods for a wonderful dinner we were about to make and i said, "Oh we should make Cupcakes!" and we proceeded to go to the baking isle to "get our cupcake on" ...

We got home and we were getting ready to make dinner and I said, "Opps, we forgot the (insert grocery item here) !" and one of us (it was at Christmas, i forget exactly who said it) "We Got Distracted by the Frosting!" And Viola, here you have it, We Got Distracted by the Frosting! How many times can you honestly say that has happened? Hah!

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