23 June 2010

Buddha Say What?

We all who Buddha is and what a Buddha looks like ... right? Well if you don't after this post you will.

Over the past year or so I have been searching for a more meaningful life and during that search I have come across Buddhism (I have my good friend Mark to thank for this). I am not a Buddhist, but I do believe in a lot of the principles the religion talks about. Here's a link to a Five Minute Introduction to Buddhism to give you an idea.

With reading about Buddhism I came obsessed with the little Buddha figurines that we see EVERYWHERE (specially in my place). To me they represent the the principles I believe strongly in from the Buddhism religion, ie:
focusing the mind on being fully aware of our thoughts and actions.

I also love quotes, I am a quote machine! I have 4 quotes tattooed on my body. They give me inspiration when I have trouble finding it within myself. I also very much enjoy the beach (I live on an Island in fact). So I have these 6 laughing Buddha statues and decided to something different with them, quotes and the beach.

Here is the final product -- (all quotes are Buddha quotes)

If we're growing, we're always going to be out of our comfort zone. - John Maxwell

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